Hear and read what people are saying in support of the bond.


Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) 

Laurie White, board president

“The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce supports the passage of a general obligation bond on the November ballot to fund repairs and construct new facilities at the University of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay Campus. 

“These investments are necessary to continue to position Rhode Island and URI as a leading international center of excellence for research and a hub of economic activity. The scientific discoveries and commercial applications being developed at URI are helping to address global issues including climate change and food security, support the blue economy and generate revenue for the state. 

“URI’s renowned Oceanography and Ocean Engineering programs are an important part of supplying the state’s workforce in key industries like defense and marine sciences, attracting researchers and enticing companies to do business in Rhode Island,” said Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. 

“To keep the momentum going and to capitalize on the opportunities URI’s success has generated, the State must double down and ensure that the Narragansett Bay Campus has world-class labs and academic facilities that meet the standards of other competing research institutions. Rhode Island cannot afford to fall behind at a time when others are charging full steam ahead.”

Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council

Michael Sabitoni, president, RI Building Trades

“This is a no brainer as an investment in the marine sciences here in the Ocean State. This is a plan to continue investments that make sense. We can’t afford not to do this.”

RI Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Oscar Mejias, @RIHispanicChamb

“This bond is an important investment for the Hispanic community.” 

“We want to be fully part of the Blue Economy and economic development overall. By working together, we can make big things happen.”

Other endorsements

  • Partnership for RI
  • University of Rhode Island
  • The Cranston Herald
  • The Warwick Beacon
  • The Johnston Sun Rise 
  • The United Way of RI

What they’re saying

Governor Dan McKee

“This investment in the Bay Campus will help us continue to be a leader in the Blue Economy.”

“Investing in URI is investing in Rhode Island as a whole. The bond funds will be used to further our academic excellence, research and technology development, as well as to train the workforce of tomorrow. Let’s keep URI a global leader in the blue economy.”

Senator Sue Sosnowski

“This investment in the Bay Campus will help us continue to be a leader in the Blue Economy.”

Representative Carol McEntee

“I was thrilled to be at URI GSO today to urge all Rhode Islanders to #VoteYesOn1! We have the chance to support one of the state’s greatest assets at URI. We cannot miss this opportunity to put URI on the global map in this discipline.”

Representative Kathy Fogarty

“The work being performed at the Bay Campus helps create Rhode Island’s new Blue Economy jobs while protecting the health of our oceans and environment. URI is a world leader in the Ocean Economy. Let’s keep it that way and create more jobs and economic growth by investing in the Narragansett Bay Campus.”

RI Painters Union

“Let’s make sure RI stays competitive with state-of-the-art buildings for our young people to learn in & teachers to teach, all while putting local craftspeople to work making living wages!”


“URI Yes On 1 will create family-supporting construction jobs and continue to position RI as a leader in the blue economy with URI continuing to inspire and invest.”